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Here it is: All the Dino Velvet recordings I could find. I'm sure there are more out there( I have our best show ever on a Hi-8 video but no means to convert it), but this is the best I could do. Please be patient and come back soon for recordings of my new material. Hopefully they will be done soon. Thanks alot for checking these out. All songs written collectively by J.A. Saccone, C. Shann, B.D. Rothenbeck, E.lusczc and J.Primavera. If you are one of these people and want the music taken down, please contact me and I will remove any or all songs, thank you. Everyone else; please enjoy!


released April 12, 2014

All songs written collectively by J.A. Saccone, C. Shann, B.D. Rothenbeck, E.lusczc and J.Primavera. If you are one of these people and want the music taken down, please contact me and I will remove any or all songs, thank you.



all rights reserved


John A. Saccone Keyport, New Jersey

Blue-collar musician. I have to write and play or else I'll lose my mind. The life of an adult makes it nearly impossible for a band, so I'm going it alone.
That, and noone would have me.
For that reason I'm gonna try and write all the stuff I've ever wanted to try. Thanks for listening. Make sure to check out my recommendations section.
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Track Name: The Industrial Revolution
We're making progress, we are changing the rules to better suit our purposes, we don't care what you're thinking you mindless sheep can keep your sinking ship. We're in the sky now, we are high above the love and hate, we're making people listen, the small and the great. We are rock and roll, we don't care about you. We're just trying to save our own souls from the stagnant water of the industry today. What do you say? Do you think we're conceited? Too much pride to hide our feelings, look at all your dirty dealings, you should be the one who's ashamed, ashamed to stand there and scream about all your broken dreams as they piss all over the scene. You don't deserve it. all your broken dreams they just piss all over the scene. We don;t care about, you don't deserve it. All you overweight idiots that think you're in control, stranglehold, you don't know how to play so you try to make up the rules. (spoken) The only thing you have to realize is that you are not every band you've ever seen, every CD you've ever played,or every show you've ever been to, You are completely different and they are completely different from you, The one thing you have to realize is that , yeah, no matter how much they relate to you, or you relate to them they don't know how to make you, YOU. They don't know how to make your true self, everything that you have inside. Only you have that potential it lies at your feet. All you need to do is reach down, grab it and swallow it whole till it all dissolves inside of you. Shoots out of your fingers and toes, your eyes and ears and nose till you shine like a beautiful supernova in the sky. The Sun: it is nothing. The Stars: they are nothing. The Milky Way: it is nothing compared to your brilliance. As long as you always remember that you are only you, as long as you have that they can't take that away. Time won't change me X2 You're stupid scene it wont change me, Your broken dreams they wont change me, what this song means won't change me.You're stupid scene it wont change me, Your broken dreams they wont change me, what this song means it won't change me. You're stupid scene it wont change me, Your broken dreams they wont change me, what your song means it won't change me. Me being Me that will make me.
Track Name: Weekend Warriors
We are those people making coffee in the morning, we are providing goods and rendering services. We're in the stores and the factories, you don't see us, we're just figments of your imagination. We're not housewives, we're not children, we're not cripples or down-syndrome. We didn't have problems growing up, we just wanted something different for ourselves. We work hard, (ropefuck) to pay the bills, I'll gladly break my back so you can live (I'll grind my fingers to the bone so you can live) Here we are in the factories no doubt, building your machinery day in and day out, what is that about? 12 hour days, mediocre pay, just to try and stay at lower middle-class stage. I'm washing my hands, I'm making a stand against upper management and this non-union shop.
with another 10 hour day, with another 12 hour day, with another 14 hour day I'll gladly break my back so you can live X2, in a nice warm house, in nice new clothes, in a world full of possibilities that you may never know. I'm washing my hands, I'm making a stand against upper-management and this non-union shop, You don't understand you've never dirtied your hands as you stand atop the skyrise everyday buying/selling people's lives. I'm making a stand I'm making that plan to retire at 60 and start enjoying life right before I die. (claps) Weekend warriors unite, weekend warriors to fight. Fighting for the extra pay so we won't have to work as many days, get those few measly days off to finish off the stain on the back porch, Fighting so the bills are paid, so insurance payments can be made, fighting so the kids can sleep in nice new beds with nice clean sheets. weekend warriors X2
Track Name: The Old Rainman Sweep
(spoken) It was so beautiful, It was such a beautiful sunset that she decided to follow it west, she didn't know where she was going, how she was going to get there, or what she was going to do once she arrived. All she knew was that her path was paved with gold. Golden dreams, golden desires, golden ambitions. She left the very next day, leaving behind all her fears, all her regrets, all her ambitions. She was leaving, she was leaving me, she was leaving me bruised. Ebony boundaries around brown stormy irises, now I know what bliss is, the only question is, if this is real or a dream? The latter it seems would make more sense to me. I don't know what you want to be come, a shooting star a supernova, you want Lawerence of Arabia I think that you are getting over me over me. you're fading out like a silhouette, you're burning up like a cigarette, I hope that you will never forget about me about me. I'm the asshole. There are many ways to say goodbye (but I am still thirsty) but you won't try. Into the desert, you won't forget here X4 Can you dig that fuckin' money? can you fuckin' dig that? you've got these big claws! X2 Can you dig that money? Can you kill that bunny?
Track Name: The Hypocrisy of Zombie Talkshow Hosts
(spoken) Every year millions of people are injured and sick ,with nowhere to go but into debt. The lack of a national healthcare system and the privatization of hospitals and pharmecutical companies breeds enormous greed, because quality healthcare is something every american needs. While dryg companies create diseases and disorders simply to cure them with medicines that their lobbyists pay the FDA to turn a blind eye to. Avage americans with barebones insurance plans pay out of pocket, we don't care about each other, we just care about penis enlargement.
My teeth are falling out, my eye is dry and chapped, my throat is red and sore I can't take much more. But you will never understand, you take it for granted all this health you have been handed, but you don't even know it comes from other people's pockets. How does it feel, a chemical peel? Scrape your face with his wire brush, oh what's the rush? The anesthetic should keep you hush. A simple outpatient task of pulling your face back simply to attract those amex people with their plastic masks. We're all victims of a healthcare system that's obviously driven by capitalism. Whats the price of vanity? A question of your sanity. I'm ripping up my donor card now! Zombies on tv, they tell you what you need to be. With silicone and cologen the doctor brings them to life again, but as I'm in the ambulance the EMT is going through my pants to see if I have the needed cash cause if I don't their gonna leavr my ass! Burn, the flesh from your bones in an orgy of pride and lust. Burn. Burn.
Track Name: Enjoy a Pony Ride (Live)
Track Name: Dino Velvet. - Jonathan Brisby is Dead (Live)
I can't really remember the lyrics so I won't try to write them out. Mostly they involve picking up guys at a bar them melting their frontal lobes and bringing them back to life as sex zombies. Also some stuff about rope burns and bodies in reservoirs. yeah.
Track Name: Throwing Stones From a Glass House (Live)
Sorry cant remember anything but the first verse. I guess I'll write it down.
I could waste your time, and write some bogus rhymes about going out and breaking up, or growing out and making up, but I don't really care what you wanna hear cause I don't wanna sing about my broken heart. It's cliche'. The way they always play the victim, i'm not them anymore and I know you have heard it all before so I won't bore you to sleep and I'll try to keep my promises true and not whine and bitch right through this whole song.