by John A. Saccone

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These three songs are the result of my years at work developing a new style of songwriting for myself. After all these years of playing and writing I really wanted to push myself to the limits and try everything I have ever wanted to try, while doing it all by myself. All the songs are written,arranged,and performed completely by me with a looper, drum machine, and effects chain. What I really wanted, more than anything, was to focus on my live performance and highlight how that it is a fluid and ethereal thing. Constantly changing and always different. These songs were recorded by an amazing musician (Chris Alfano of East of the Wall, and NY in 64) in his rehearsal studio over two days. To preserve the live atmosphere we recorded only three full versions of me playing each song live with a scratch vocal track(choosing not to track each part or change independently, but playing the full songs with only the drum machine, guitar and vocals on one track each). We then recorded main vocals in much the same way, experimenting with melodies along the way. The last day was spent cherry picking our favorite parts from each run-through and then mixing them all together. Anyone who sees me live will get to experience the songs as one complete, uniform musical piece, but I felt that doing so on the record at this time would not represent the songs correctly and could not be any happier with the songs that I present to you today. I chose this title because I know that no matter how old you get, the same things can still come back to haunt you. Always over your shoulder. These songs are all very personal and important to me, no matter what happens. Thanks so much for your time.


released April 8, 2016

John A. Saccone: all instruments and drum machine
Chris Alfano: All recording and mixing


all rights reserved



John A. Saccone Keyport, New Jersey

Blue-collar musician. I have to write and play or else I'll lose my mind. The life of an adult makes it nearly impossible for a band, so I'm going it alone.
That, and noone would have me.
For that reason I'm gonna try and write all the stuff I've ever wanted to try. Thanks for listening. Make sure to check out my recommendations section.
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Track Name: Incarnation/Apotheosis
Innocent, you reach up and let them take your hand. Though you don't understand, you allow them to lead you through this foreign land. Even though, they are the ones forever learning, forever burning for their own sins, in their own skins. Our Gods have become men, full of frailty and bitumen, coughing carcinogens. We must, we must comfort them, we must shelter them. For we will become them. We will become them.
All I ever wanted,w as to have you proud of me. But, now I see, that maybe, that has made me, what I always feared i'd be, What I always feared I'd be.
Track Name: One Way Street
From bleeding hearts to bleeding heads. You gave us this but we've paid for that instead. The crushing weight of your heavy hand. Has given us no choice but to make a stand. What could turn your life upside down? Things taken for granted are now shadows of a doubt, with no one realizing how. This is more carrot than stick, but there seems to be nothing left that could make them sick, apathetic hypocrites. To those that say this is just a waste of time, how could I ever change your mind? How do you assign a value to the meaning of life and what we do? The system is taken for granted, common sense has become pedantic Entitled to fight to survive, it's a luxury to fight for your rights.
Track Name: Call Me, Ishmael
The ancient heroes of those long-forgotten legends, now are shining brightly, singing nightly, and killing mightily. Follow them forward. If you're caught off guard, hold you're head high and have some pride, ride that swelling tide. My sextant and the stars've taken me this far, The ocean and the spray translated as days. Well, any man may watch the waters and know it's motions. But no man may make the waves his slaves. Capsized from the start, heavy heart and wounded pride apart. I'm following those stars.A magnetic field trip, I'm building up a charge. With your head up in the clouds and your eyes full of stars. I always feel like there is never enough time, to start over, make changes, or even fuck around. What's the point? If the world is ending, I wanna have some fun first. When the stars fall down I wanna feel you by my side, my #1. Absorbing radiation from the start of time, before the sun. All we ever were or have come from, is all one. This ghost could never give it up, this ghost should never give it up. We will see what we will see, but the sea will be what it will be.

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